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New Programs


Dances of Universal Peace
Prayer ~ In ~ Motion Circle

Saturday ~ September 8, 2018 and October 13, 2018

6:30 PM at St. Mary Magdala Spiritual Center

2800 Rolston Street

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805

Using simple movements, mantras, lyrics and songs from many religious traditions, the Dances focus on peace and harmony, celebrating solidarity and unity with all spiritual traditions of the earth.

Leader: Terri Duclos

Musicians: Laura Hillyard, Tammy Silowski and Lindy McCormick


Crystal Grid and Sacred Geometry

Tuesday ~ September 11, 2018

7:00 to 8:30 PM at Sophia's Portico

Over the years many have learned the sacredness of the Crystal Grid.  Built on Sacred Geometry, an intent change can be manifested in our lives.  In this workshop we will discuss the science/theory of grids, types and how they are used.  Grid layouts will be provided as well as crystals. (These crystal may be purchased at the end of the workshop). 

COST: $15 ~ Bring a large crystal if you have one.

All materials and some munchies provided.

PRESENTER:  Dianne Dunfee has followed her own healing and spiritual quest for the past 20 years through crystals.  She studied with Herb Stevenson and is a Certified Crystal Teacher through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.


Women Who Run with the Wolves and Cello ~ Part II

Wednesday ~ September 26, 2018

7:00 to 8:30 PM at St. Mary Magdala Spiritual Center

2800 Rolston Street

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805

In our second presentation of poetry and music inspired by the myths and stories of Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, with the soulful sounds of the cello, we will explore RIO ABAJO RIO: The River Beneath the River.  This is the story of Source, that which nourishes our deepest soul needs.  Returning to a place of deep sustenance and inspiration, we heed the call and listen for that which the Wild Soul craves.

COST: $20

PRESENTER:  Jane Heald, a professional cellist with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic for over 25 years, is also a teacher, author and composer now exploring how to share the cello in more intimate settings.  Assisted by Teresa Roberts and Emily Guerrero.


Wholeness: A Way of Life

First Sunday of each Month ~ October 2018 thru March 2019

1:00 to 4:00 PM at Sophia's Portico

Over the last year I have been immersed in the study of Wholeness as a way of life.  This is a new worldview for me that brings the potential of the living earth, the possible human, and my own unique soul purpose together to live the best possible quality of life.

I am called to invite others to form a sacred circle on this journey, believing that as we grow in wisdom individually, we strengthen love and wisdom in the world.

You are invited to join me the first Sunday of each month for 6 months:

October 7:  The Living Earth

December 2:  Wholeness

February 3:  Wisdom

November 4:  On Being Human

January 6:  Joy

March 3:  Our Living Body

COST: $20

PRESENTER:  Ann Beeching is an artist, interior designer and a professor at PFW who has traveled over 40 trips to ancient Maya sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.  She studied Mayan shamanic practice and mythology for over 30 years.


Power of Ancestral Mothers

Tuesday ~ October 16, 2018

7:00 to 9:00 PM at Sophia's Portico

We are familiar with the figurines of the women of Willendorf, Lespugue and Laussel, but what about the women of Karanovo, Halfa Degheim and Poverty Point?  We will explore figurines of females from around the world and through time.  What do they mean? What was their power then, and for us now?  We will be using clay to make our own ancestral mothers, so we can continue to hold their power in the palms of our hands.

COST: $20 ~ Materials will be provided.

PRESENTER:  Lisa Gardner is an artist and avid reader.  She began researching the Sacred Feminine while pursuing her Master's degree at IPFW.


Dias de los Muertos ~ The Day of the Dead

Thursday ~ October 25, 2018

6:30 to 8:30 PM at Sophia's Portico

Day of the Dead has been traditionally celebrated on November 1st and 2nd for thousands of years, originating in Aztec, Mayan-Guatemalan families.  It is a time to remembeer loved ones and to celebrate the continuity of life.  Join in an evening of engaging storytelling spirituality, music and artistic traditions of Los Dias de Los Muertos, a tradition that has garnered interest and appreciation across generations.

COST: $15

PRESENTER:  Emily J. Guerrero, Latinx Arts shares Mexica ancestors stories, traditions, journeys, art and music to promote social justice and cross-cultural understanding.


Frida ~ A Film and Discussion

Sunday ~ November 11, 2018

1:00 to 5:00 PM at St. Mary Magdala Spiritual Center
2800 Rolston Street

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805

"Frida" is a powerful biographical film depicting the achingly dramatic life and art of Mexican surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo.  The film, starring Salma Hayek, captures Frida's indomitable will to live, love and paint.  Her health challenges and drama-charged relationship with her husband, mural artist Diego Rivera, become seeds for her unique art.  Join us for a discussion with special refreshments after the film.
COST: $12

Facilitators: Laurie Rainey Schmidt is a shamanic practitioner and counselor in private practice who enjoys movies as contemporary storytelling. 

Emily J. Guerrero, (Latinx Arts) has researched and studied the life and art of Frida Kahlo.


Journeying With Soul Cards

Saturday ~ November 17, 2018

1:00 to 3:30 PM at Sophia's Portico

Come and experience peaceful reflection, journaling, divination and group discussion.  SOUL CARDS - evocative and mysterious images - by Debrah Koff, will speak directly to your soul and call forth your personal insight and creativity.  You will be able to take home your own image, the mirror through which to reflect upon your soul, your unique and beautiful life force.

BRING A JOURNAL.  All other materials supplied.  Special contemplative music chosen by Tonya will accompany the experience.

COST: $20

PRESENTER: Tonya Threet, a Priestess in her cultural Nordic traditions and an internationally known Nordic American recording musician. Tonya is also actively involved in the Fort Wayne Pagan Community.