Sophia's Portico

A Feminine Spirituality Center - For More Than 20 years!

2330 Beacon Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
Sophia's Portico


A Feminine Spirituality Center




Friday ~ August 2, 2019

7 PM

Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren
2810 Beacon Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805

Celebrating the first grain harvest of the year, our seeds and intentions planted earlier are now manifesting. Aware of the cycle of life as the grains, fruits and vegetables surrender in order to nourish us, the seeds will be reborn next Spring.  The Corn Dolly on our altar reminds us that the Corn Spirit will survive the Winter and reproduce.  Through ritual, we connect to one another, offer thanks to Gaia, celebrate the symbolic rhythms of nature and draw upon its power. 

After we walk the Labyrinth, pondering the seed's journey to harvest, we will nourish ourselves with homemade Lammas bread!